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Hire a “Trade Show” Graphic Designer.

Most designers don’t understand trade show graphics. Hire someone who does. Your graphics are as important as your physical display, if not more important, and they can make or break your presentation.

Up or Down.

What elements will be seen up close or across the show floor? It matters. Avoid putting important elements at floor level. Higher elements will draw your customer’s attention several aisles over. There’s a micro-brewery in Oregon with a BIG sign:  FREE BEER. When you get closer, the sign reads: FREE wi-fi | great BEER. I fall for it every time.

It’s a Display. Not a Brochure.

You want your messaging to be clear, concise, and to the point. Leave the details for the brochure or the website. Keep it simple and impactful. Avoid clichés like “New and Improved” and “World Leading.” The message should be easily digestible in 10 seconds or less. Treat it like popcorn for your eyes.

Image Quality Counts.

Photos should be high resolution or vector, especially for your logo. Always have native, clean artwork for projects. This is critical! Spend the extra money to get good quality stock photography. It’s not that expensive and it will make a HUGE difference in your booth. Word of warning . . . hand your business card to your designer for your logo, expect to die.

Details. Details. Details.

Have a rendering done with your graphics. It may change how you see the message. Know where accessories like shelves and monitors are placed. Exact measurements are critical. Too many times the graphics arrive and they look amazing, vibrant, and perfect . . .  until you realize that the monitor cuts off half of your logo. Finally, have someone who TRULY cares about spelling and grammar read your copy. I once saw a display for a university with the following – “Go Where Sucess Matters!” It made me cry.


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By Mel White, Classic Exhibits

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