2018 Visual Trends

Below is Getty Images 2018 Visual Trends for review.  To delve deeper into the 2018 visual trends, evolving micro trends and the artists behind them, download the full Creative in Focus book from Getty Images by using the link at the bottom of this article.

Second Renaissance – Adding modern perspective to classical themes
Renaissance art is new again with Second Renaissance, where artists with iPhones are creating pictures that evoke a feeling of classic art. Portraiture harks back to imagery from bygone eras, paying homage with subdued palettes and luxurious fabrics that resemble paintings.
This Renaissance, however, is also about providing new perspectives and championing diversity.
Second Renaissance
• Stand out by featuring repurposed classic visual themes to tell your story
• Excite your audience by pairing the familiar with the unexpected
• Drive positive change through images that have gravity and credibility
Conceptual Realism – Showcasing reality in unexpected ways
Conceptual Realism was born out of evolving long-term visual trends, new technology, and the public’s current skepticism to take things at face value. Consumers are craving imagery that looks real, even if the idea behind the imagery is farfetched. In response, photographers are creating more conceptual images executed in a realist style. The key is to bring a sense of attainability and relatability to the images, while maintaining a level of absurdity that adds intrigue.
Evolving long-term visual trends, new technology, and the public’s current skepticism to take things at face value has spawned a new visual expression.
Conceptual Realism
Conceptual Realism
• Connect with today’s consumer with visual content that is relatable—in unexpected ways
• Make memorable statements by highlighting absurdity in everyday life
• Take advantage of a resurgence in the popularity of imperfect imagery


Masculinity Undone – Repicturing what it means to be a man
Men, much like women, are often portrayed as stereotypes in the media—from the jock to the TV dad to the lazy man. With Masculinity Undone, the antiquated concept of masculinity is fading away. We see a movement toward a complex, gentle, and emotional side of men—breaking away from the standard-issue male visual identity in advertising and communications.
As conversations around toxic masculinity dominate the press, we track the trend that may liberate men from long-established visual stereotypes.
Boys Boys Boys – Behind the trend Masculinity Undone. Photographer Rosie Matheson captures the true essence of men around the world.
Masculinity Undone
• Go beyond expectations of how men and women are portrayed in visual storytelling
• Attract the growing number of men who are responding to empathetic and authentic visuals
• Move on from the dated male stereotypes of the past







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