Top Reasons Why Your Organization and Event Need a Blog

According to a research published by, Internet users in the U.S. spend 3x more time on blogs than they do on email. The report, which cited sources included Hubspot, InsideView and FactBrowser, also indicated that 81 percent of online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. In fact, there are many more reasons to promote your organization with a dedicated blog.

Here are some worthy of consideration.

• A blog is an excellent means of spreading the word about upcoming events.

• Promoting exhibitors, sponsors and speakers through your blog posts increases their ROI while showcasing your brand.

• New blog posts are an excellent means of engaging audiences on social media and growing your subscribers list.

• Every new blog post counts as a new link to be indexed by search engines, enhancing your organization’s online presence.

• Blogs help to keep attendees engaged through the year and update them on the digital tools available to help them plan ahead.


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Nishita Jain, Director of Digital Marketing, a2z, Inc.

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