Small Exhibits – Getting The Most IMPACT

You may feel that a 10×10 booth is too small for it to really stand out among the rest of the larger exhibits at the show, but that isn’t the case. By just doing a few simple things you can make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck and drawing the right attention in your small exhibit.



Start with a large, bold image to anchor your graphics.  Make sure that your company name is visible.  Stick to using 5 or fewer words on your graphics.  Remember, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention.  You’re there to tell the whole story, not your graphics.


Lighting is so important in a booth, no matter what size.  However, if you’re in a line of 10×10 booths and you are the only one with lights, you are sure to draw the attention.  Lights, whether attached to the top of your booth or in backlit graphics are always going to help highlight your exhibit.


Adding a few carefully chosen accessories to your exhibit can really aid in your presentation and jazz up the booth.  Consider a lit rack for your brochures or a small table for storage and lead retrieval.


Incorporating a tablet in your exhibit can help you navigate your customers and prospects.  Placing it in a stand, can help keep it accessible, safe and out of the way. Eye catching videos placed in booth can also be eye catchers and help generate prospects.


Having a small booth requires you to be mindful of all the space in your exhibit, since there isn’t a lot.  It is important to make sure the space seems inviting and doesn’t cut your customers off before they can enter.  Keeping long tables to the back of your booth allows you to utilize all of the front of your space, allowing potential customers to enter your space, pulling them out of the aisle.


Lastly, carefully consider your staff selection and training.  You want to send the best of the best and not too many people.  You have a smaller space, so you don’t want to crowd the whole thing with 5 booth staffers, so no one else can come into your exhibit space.


Taking these few items into consideration on your next small exhibit is sure to ensure your putting your best foot forward and making the right impact!