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Leave the Boring Business Cards Behind: 5 Fun & Creative Ideas

Standing out in customers’ minds is no longer an easy game of making eye contact with them at a community event and shaking their hands. Nope, now your competitors have a lot of avenues to get their company to come to your customer’s mind first. If only you had a way to make a memorable first impression on them…

Daydream no more, because other companies out there are using creative business cards to make sure customers remember their company’s name over the “other guys.” I’m not talking about using a heavier cardstock for your card or using different imprinting processes to make your information stand out, but using an entirely different material all together!

These are pretty awesome though, right?

These are pretty awesome though, right?

Some companies are opting for fun contact cards to get the attention of customers. Need some inspiration? Here are some of the wackiest examples out there!


Lego isn’t just an awesome company for kids, but I’m pretty sure adults would love to work there too (it can’t just be me, right?). One of the ways they make their creative and imagination-powered company stand out in customer’s eyes is with their business cards (pictured below). They’re far from the traditional style of business cards that we’re used to receiving from companies that we interact with.

Imagine reaching for a business card in your pocket and finding this!

Imagine reaching for a business card in your pocket and finding this!

Before you start to fill out your application and get your resume in order, not every Lego employee gets a custom figurine to hand out. They’re understandably expensive so only a few executives and those in the public eye receive them. Dare to dream though, right?

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By Amy Hoidas

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