Booth Staff: Here’s An Open Letter!

Dear booth staff,

Congratulations! You are on your way to the trade show floor, an exciting but often hectic space where you will catapult your brand with prospective leads.

First and foremost know a lot goes into your trade show trip! Plane tickets must be booked well in advance, along with lodging arrangements and transportation. Thousands of dollars are being spent on the design and logistics of your company’s booth, and swag is being ordered by the bulk to entice foot traffic. Most likely, you were handpicked by your company’s marketing department to showcase your brand. They are counting on you to leave a lasting impression, and the future of the business may ultimately depend on it. No pressure!

The perks of becoming a booth staff member are the travel, local food, culture, and sales. However, trade shows can also be long, daunting days where you try to keep your sales pitch alive and energized beyond the normal scope. Outside of making yourself comfortable and happy, you must also remember that sales remain the number one focus. Here are some tips that will help make every trade show you work a successful one!


First and foremost, take the ‘culture’ easy. By that we mean enjoy your travels, but remember the reason for being on location is the show.  Go to sleep at a decent time, and make sure you are well rested. Set your alarm with plenty of time for delays, such as transportation issues or wardrobe malfunctions. On the latter, you want to ALWAYS dress professional, but comfortable. Skip the heels, and the designer suits (unless your company requires it.) You will be moving around all day so keeping a full range of motion will be essential. Take care of yourself while advocating the brand. Stay hydrated, eat well and healthy, take a break to recollect yourself if needed. Just remember to NEVER do any of that in the booth. When on leisure time, distance yourself from the brand so you don’t leave any unintended impressions.

Make every attendee count. While you want to make a sale, not everyone you talk too will fit your company’s criteria. Some people are sent on fishing exhibitions and only want the freebies. However, it’s important to treat everyone with the same level of respect and attention. Create an ‘escape’ talk that allows you to focus on your target. Remember that YOU are the brand. Everything booth staff say both verbally and non-verbally will reflect on that attendee’s perception. Make the personal connection and give them a reason to remember you and your company. In six months, these attendees won’t remember the flashy booth or swag, but they WILL remember the way you treated them!

We at PRO Expo wish all booth staff the best of luck with the upcoming season, stay tuned for information on post show management and logistics tips!


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