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Tracking the Show Service Manual and Surviving on the Show Floor

Navigating the Trade Show World

Ever feel that reading a show service manual is like trying to find your way across the Atlantic Ocean without GPS?  Trade shows can be overwhelming to say the least.

Managing a trade show display is like hosting a party that lasts several days for a thousand of your closest friends in the space of a small boat.

Although it may seem cliché, planning is the key to success.  This guide helps you decipher the secrets behind understanding and following your trade show service manual. It really is possible to successfully manage your booth setup by adhering to the rules and being organized in advance.

What does your target date really mean?         

What your show manual says:

Show management sets a target date for delivery of freight for your exhibit, based on the hall and the area of the show floor where your booth space is located. A target date is not the date and time that your freight will appear on the show floor. Your freight arrival is “meant” to coincide with the target date and time, but the show allows itself a lot of leeway with good reason.

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