How Can I Tell If My App Was Successful?

For my first blog post here on TSNN I figured I’d start at the beginning with why have a mobile app in the first place.

This is a question that I use to get when we first started in 2009 when everyone was still using paper maps and programs.  Since that time, however, I do not get this question often enough.

Just producing a mobile app does not mean it will be successful.  Sadly, some organizers buy an app just to have one or they got it for free (ok, don’t get me started on a free app – you’ve heard the old saying “you get what you paid for”).

Then the responsibility of getting content into the app gets added onto some staff member’s already full plate and consequently it shows in the app.  As Mr. Wonderful (aka Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank) would say… “STOP THE MADNESS!”

It is not hard to have a successful mobile app.  Really, all you need are three (3) things:

  •  An app that is user friendly
  • Content that is relevant
  • Promotion of the app

Each of these items are very important and have many parts to them. Having an app that is user friendly requires an app that anyone can pick up and use without any training. It must engage the audience with relevant content.

They should want to continue using it not only during the event but pre and post event as well!  Promoting your app so that users know about it is just common sense but you’d be surprised the number of events we see that produce an app and never really promote it.

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