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How To Use Different Social Networks At Your Next Show

There is no question that conferences, expos and trade shows are effective for multiple reasons, as they gather various industries together in one location, for a number of days. What if you could make those few days even more effective by starting months before the event starts, and never really have it end?

Shows are all about community, and social media provides a great way to keep in touch before, during and even after the show. Think about the numbers. Between the show, exhibitors, attendees and their community networks, and people who cannot attend but are still interested, the number of contacts is huge.

Here are three different social media platforms you can use and why every show, exhibitor and attendee needs to use them in one way or another:


This is by far my favorite social media platform for shows as it is the only one with instantaneous communication to basically anyone:

  • Tweet that you will be at the show.
  • Tweet at others who will be at the show. Before the show, try to set up meetings. During the show, try and meet up on the floor or after the event.
  • Retweet (RT) tweets by the show organizer and influencers to support them and spread the news and share valuable content.
  • Tweet with the conference hashtag (#) to make sure everyone can find your show tweets.
  • Tweet pics of the show.

Many people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but it’s another great platform that can still be effective. Generally, you shouldn’t post more than three updates in one day, unless you really feel it is necessary.

Here are more tips for show organizers and companies.

For exhibitors:

  • Before the show, publish news that your company will be there and give the name of who from your company will be manning the booth and the booth number.
  • At the show, take pictures of your booth, with your entire team and product(s).
  • After the show, create an album of all your pictures so you can share them with clients, friends and all whom are connected with you so they can see what happened at the show.

For organizers:

  • It is important to start at least one month before the show begins, posting updates, facts and information that attendees and exhibitors need to know about your event.
  • Publish show and exhibitor news to inform attendees and media. This way, they will know exactly what to expect before they arrive.
  • Take pictures of exhibitors setting up at the show. This will generate excitement.

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Trace Cohen, a serial entrepreneur in New York City and co-founder of Launch.it – Thursday, June 05, 2014

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