Trade Show and Event Tips

11 Things Great Exhibitors Avoid

Great exhibitors are not necessarily the biggest brands, the biggest booths, or the ones with the biggest budgets. And they certainly are not the ones who are the busiest.

Great exhibitors are identified as much by what they avoid as what they do. They have the insight and character to say “no” to their bosses and their colleagues when asked to make poor choices – and they take the time to educate their teams on what makes other choices better.

Great exhibitors avoid:

1. Exhibiting at more shows than they can do well

Just as it takes a lot to make a house a home, it takes a lot to make a trade show exhibit into a successful trade show event. You have to pick the right shows; set measurable objectives; select, train, and shepherd your booth staff; design, purchase, ship, install, dismantle, and ship your exhibit back; fulfill your leads; measure your results; and more. Each show requires a lengthy to-do list, so great exhibitors won’t commit to another show if they lack the time and resources to do it right. Otherwise, it wastes their overall trade show investment.

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