5 Tips To Reduce The Stress Of Trade Show Shipping

Your trade show exhibit can reach thousands of potential customers over a period of three or four days.  That puts a lot of pressure on you, your shipping department, and your carrier to make certain that each display arrives on time to the appropriate venue and stays intact.

Trade show shipping is different than other freight moves.  However, there are things you can do to maintain control and reduce your stress levels. Here are five tips to remember:

1. Properly fill out your bill of lading


Accurate and complete information is essential. Whether shipping to the advance warehouse or shipping directly to the show site, you must include: show name, exhibitor name, booth number, service contractor, the number of pieces, weight per piece and total weight, the payer and the target move-in date. Failure to record any of this information could result in a delay or a very inconvenient situation.

The shapes and sizes of trade show displays can make packaging a challenge.  Custom-made crates and molded cases provide the greatest protection while in transit.  Skids or pallets can also be used, letting you save on packaging materials, but increasing the possibly for damage.  Keep in mind that skids may add to your freight costs since they cannot be stacked.  Consolidating your shipments into fewer containers can be an effective way to achieve minimum weight charges.  Be sure to pack together only items that won’t damage one another.  It’s always a good idea when you are shipping to or from a show to put your business card in each shipping container to help identify pieces if they become separated from the shipment.

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