How to Budget for a Trade Show

Trade shows can be a very positive and lucrative experience for many businesses. There are numerous benefits such as networking, marketing and business development. Before you decide that you’re going to have a booth at the next nearby trade show, however, it’s good to figure out what the process is going to cost.

There are a number of hidden costs that make it difficult to figure out exactly what a show will cost, but here are a few simple guidelines and ideas to help you get a general idea of what various aspects of the trade show experience might cost.

1. Fixed Costs

There are a number of different fixed costs that any trade show will have. The most obvious is the cost for booth rental space, which varies based on the show and venue. Expect to pay somewhere between $10 to $100 per square foot. One must also include any ancillary venue costs such as electricity or water. Only you can determine how much space and what utilities you need at a given trade show, but it’s likely that this will be one of your largest cost items.

Freight is another significant cost. Although it varies depending on a number of different factors, there will always be freight and transportation costs to move equipment to and from the show venue. Plan ahead and, if possible, try to possibly absorb some of this cost by transporting some items with employees attending the show who drive.

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