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Summer SetUp: Riding the Theme

PRO Expo Exhibits is proud to introduce our new ‘Summer SetUp’ series! 

While enjoying the warmer air and outside events, the fall season is just around the bend -marking a key time for all trade show professionals to strategize.

Trade show ideas can be amazing things. While brainstorming for months thinking about an exhibits overall look from giant SEG graphics up high to 40’ flat screens down low, the space is your imaginations playground. In many cases a theme is the first thing decided on whether it is urban, a log cabin, or transforming attendees to another realm. As time goes on needs are assessed such as amount of closet space, chairs, lighting, and everything else needed to create perfection. The realities of exhibit management quickly intrude on the original vision and suddenly that $20,000 prop looks like an outlier rather than a centerpiece.

This week the general tip is to stay focused and grounded with your trade show designs. Keeping everyone on board is crucial to fulfill a design vision. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your production team, marketing department, and even booth staffers who are crucial to showtime execution. A cutting edge product may sound great on re-created planet Mars, but a humble budget will make the audience lose sight on what you were trying to convey. Every prop and idea counts!

With that being said, the number one rule for 2015 is to NOT BE BORING! The greatest challenge in exhibit building today is keeping things fresh and unique on any budget. Leads will only remember a brand if they are given something worth the memory. Find common ground between daring and caring.

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