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Summer SetUp: Furnishing The Exhibit

PRO Expo Exhibits is proud to introduce our new ‘Summer SetUp’ series! 

While enjoying the warmer air and outside events, the fall season is just around the bend -marking a key time for all trade show professionals to strategize.

Figuring out initial design of an exhibit is a celebration in itself but now comes the next question, how are you going to furnish it? Furniture usage can make a huge impact on your booth and audience.

Furniture Design

The pieces you select for furnishing should always match with the overall look of the booth. While most venues will give you a basic table and folding chair set, you DO NOT have to use them and can even ask that they be removed from your area. Furniture is one element that gives the company flexibility, and in many cases can get perks such as free shipping for using an outside vendor. One thing to consider outside of colors and design is your overall space. Are you wanting a lounge area for attendee’s and staff to gather and relax, or something more formal for presentations? Lounge chairs typically take much more space than chairs for general seating. Always make sure the furniture blends into the display rather than stick out. For 2015, the wood finishing has made a full come-back supplemented by rustic and industrial looking furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and textures either, which can add a huge visual benefit to your booth.

A clash of styles and textures makes this booth pop!

Rent or Own?

A big decision with any exhibit furnishings is deciding to rent or own. While rental furniture can be costly, it also brings many advantages. You typically avoid high shipping costs associated with owned furniture, and you can switch it up for each event you attend. What is trending today may be outdated by next year. In addition, the costs to store and re-ship the furniture to each show can quickly become budget busters. If deciding to own a set of exhibit furnishings, look for ones that can be easily folded and assembled to keep storage and set-up costs low. 

Fully Utilize

Furniture is no longer just a place to sit. Many pieces today come with extra options such as USB ports and charging connections. In today’s mobile world offering a charging station with your furnishings will not only draw exhibitors, but score huge appreciation. Other ideas including using seats that have matching LED lights. These can be operated and re-chargeable, aiding in those all important lighting decisions while keeping costs low.

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