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It’s All About the User Experience

An Infographic published a couple of years ago by SITA , a leading world specialist in air transport communications and information technology, anticipated that the air passenger experience would be in for a major transformation in 2015.

With 9 out of 10 passengers wanting to see their flight status info on their personal mobile devices, the service industry has been gearing up to respond with appropriate options. This year, a majority of the airlines are offering mobile check-in and other services to passengers.

Indeed, customer expectations are driving similar paradigm shifts across all markets, including the events industry globally. Mobile apps, kiosks and social media have accustomed users to having on-demand access to powerful features through quick and extremely user friendly interfaces, which work and sync seamlessly across any device they choose to use.

Interestingly, this phenomenon is driving new user experience innovation in a big way not just for consumer websites and mobile apps, but also B2B or enterprise software solutions. A recent blog post published on the Harvard Business Review highlights this new trend. To quote the article’s author, Jon Kolko, people in large companies are “regular people” too. As we become accustomed to smart apps and the Internet of Things in our homes, we are inevitably bringing similar expectations to our workplaces.

This development has an important implication for C-suite executives who are responsible for selecting the enterprise software solutions to be used by their teams. When evaluating a new system for their organization, they should focus not just on the depth of features but also on whether it supports a fast and accessible user experience for all their team members.

Needless to say, a happy and productive team, especially when out in the field, is sure to deliver much better customer service to your attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors. Though the events industry, over the last few years, has recognized the importance of providing event participants with tools that they love to use, it also needs to open up more to the benefits of facilitating a richer and more pleasing user experience for its internal users.


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By Nishita Jain, Director of Digital Marketing, a2z, Inc.

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