Five tactics to rock your next tradeshow event

We all know that marketing your business at a tradeshow is a significant investment. Factors like budget concerns, economic conditions and even technology can impact whether or not people are attending tradeshows.

Despite that, tradeshows are still a primary source of new leads and sales for a lot of companies. Being able to get as much exposure for your business is essential. There are several ways to increase the odds of generating quality leads and sales at your next tradeshow event.

1.    Be a speaker.
Volunteer to be a panelist or speaker. Whether it’s part of the tradeshow’s educational seminars or to pitch a topic to speak on, this opens the opportunity to build credibility with the audience and your company’s name gets that additional exposure beyond just having a booth space. Couple that exposure with being able to position yourself as an expert in the industry and it’s a win-win. Take advantage of the opportunity or create the opportunity to be a speaker.

2.    Host a private dinner.
If you know that your best customers will be attending the tradeshow, invite them to a special thank you dinner. Leading up to the event, ask each customer if they’d be open to a brief chat that would be video recorded. Then before the dinner, email a couple of questions to those who agreed to record a testimonial, so they can prepare answers in advance. These testimonials can be a powerful draw to potential customers when you upload them to your website.

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