Think a Minute … Before Hitting ‘Send’ on That Email

by Rachel Wimberly

Something must be in the air because in the past week or so I have received an inordinate amount of email messages that say something like, ‘Oops, please disregard our earlier message’ or ‘Oops, we told you about this great new product but forgot to tell you the name of it’.

I also have seen a ton of emails come through (as either actual messages or with attached press releases) with spelling, grammar and sentence structure errors.

Believe me, in NO way am I pointing fingers, because I am far from perfect. I often have written an email lickety-split and hit the ‘send’ button in lightning speed to find out I misspelled something (like a person’s name!) or accidentally misspelled a word to something my Grandmother would wash my mouth out with soap for saying.

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