8 Event Marketing Trends That Will Surprise You … and What These Imply for Your Event

Is your event marketing strategy based on informed decisions? Is it in tune with current trends and forecasts? Tune into some recent stats reported recently by industry influencers to align your interactive and content marketing strategies with the direction in which the rest of the world is moving.

– Nearly one third of companies send press releases to promote their events. (Source: Hubspot)
Strategy: Aggregate your exhibitor’s press releases on your event website to enable attendees to see them on your website.

– Landing pages that included videos see an 86% increase in conversions. (Source: WebDAM)
Strategy: Add recorded and live video streams to the home page of your event website to engage your online audience.

– 54% of American consumers are on more than one content platform. (Source: Ubeflip)
Strategy: Ensure that your event information and updates are available in easy-to-view-and-sync format across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

– At 89%, Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating when influencing buyers. (Webdamsolutions.com)
Strategy: Provide a superlative event experience (of course!), and make it easy for your attendees to share their great event experience with their peers.

– See more at: http://techcorner.tsnn.com/content/8-event-marketing-trends-will-surprise-you-and-what-these-imply-your-event#sthash.UA0SNE51.dpuf

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