Create High Impact Trade Show Results Within a Reduced Budget

SOUTHBURY, CT–(Marketwire – Sep 26, 2012) – One effective way of increasing brand awareness for companies is participating at industry trade shows, according to Business Partner Marketing Coach®. As companies consider which tradeshows to attend in the fall and spring season to demonstrate their value, products & services, they also need to strategically plan on how to get the most out of their time and effort. Business Partner Marketing Coach says companies should implement effective trade show strategies to stand out from the competition, while maintaining pre-defined budgets.

“It’s tempting for companies to significantly cut their marketing and sales budgets in a challenging economy,” says Brian Miller, president and COO of Business Partner Marketing Coach®. “Rather than sacrifice participation at trade shows completely, more cost-effective marketing approaches — such as participating in the highly visible exhibitions, crystallizing the message, speaking in addition to exhibiting, inviting a few key prospects, working the media, and partnering with others who augment their offerings — all can result in lower costs and more qualified leads.

“Our team of marketing professionals helps businesses reassess and possibly downsize their booth space, and focus on maximizing pre-show and post-show communications,” continued Miller. “The savings can be applied to more critical tactics such as graphics and innovative ways of distributing business materials.”

While the trade show world is not immune to a slow economy, according to a research study by McGraw-Hill, companies that market during economic downturns can achieve dramatic results. The study of over 600 businesses in the 1981-1982 recession found that businesses that maintained or increased their ad spending during this recessionary time averaged significantly higher sales growth during the recession and in the following three years.

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