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Trade shows are often a way for a company to showcase their product or service to potential prospects and clients, ultimately allowing the company to grow their brand and sales.  Apps can help this process. Apps make it easier for exhibitors to capture leads, create contests, follow up with prospects, tell prospects about a product/service and much more.  Here are 5 apps that you may want to consider using in your next trade show.



Free to download. License fee for unique access code, prices vary

Google Play Store (Android) rating: 3.9 stars
iTunes App Store (Apple) rating:
4+ stars

The app claims to be the trade show industry’s first and most widely used smartphone based lead retrieval. Exhibitors can track leads and simplify lead follow–up.  iLeads allows you to capture sales leads anywhere and anytime by entering badge ID # or scanning a barcode.  If barcodes are not printed on your badges, scanning will not be available.  A live internet connection is not necessary during the show to use iLeads.  There’s a voice to text note entry feature as well as a real-time lead reporting feature. Leads are backed up on a secure exhibitor website.


Quick Tap Survey 

Free to download, plans are $19/month, $49/month, $99/month for one device/license

Google Play Store (Android) rating: 4.0 stars
iTunes App Store (Apple) rating:
 4+ stars

QuickTapSurvey allows exhibitors to quickly survey attendees by creating a custom questionnaire for any purpose, from market research and lead capture to customer feedback.  It can be set to score surveys, assigning a weighted score to each answer. Polls can even be designed with skip logic, asking certain questions based on the answers given.  QuickTapSurvey is fully functional without an internet connection, which is good for trade show venues that don’t provide Wi-Fi (or free Wi-Fi) or ones with bad connectivity. The app is quick with large buttons and text and easy to swipe.

The different plan tiers are based on how much customization you’re able to do with surveys and contact info captured from them.  Its analytics and reporting are robust, with features that allow for instant survey-result analysis, report generation and real-time user monitoring.

Attendees taking a survey can access a variety of features, such as liking a Facebook page from within the survey, taking a photo, or swiping the screen to uncover hidden images.  Upon survey completion, an automated email can be sent immediately to nurture a lead.  Suitable for iPad and Android tablets.



$9.99 to download Premium Edition, Other versions available

Note: Requires an iPad to run.  It will run all models of the iPad including the Mini, Air and Pro.
iTunes App Store (Apple): 4+ stars

If you’re looking for an app that will help build traffic to your booth, look no further than the iPrizeWheel app.  Giveaways can be a great way to generate fun and interest at your exhibit.  The iPrizeWheel eliminates the need for bulky spinning wheels or other equipment by allowing you to run contests on your laptop or iPad.  This app is customizable, costs a fraction of typical three-dimensional prize wheels and includes none of the hassles or costs of transport, drayage, and setup.  Ideal for small booths with limited space, the app offers realistic sound effects and spinning motion and easily hooks up to a large screen to attract attention from a distance.  This app also allows exhibitors armed with an iPad to take the prize wheel out of the booth to events or for use in guerilla-marketing techniques.



Free to download, $5-$30/month, prices vary for set up

Note: Only available for iPad
iTunes App Store (Apple): 4+ stars

Fatstax is designed for use with an iPad.  The app is a sales, presentation and catalog application created to allow salespeople to help attendees search through a product catalog, share product information with interested leads in various formats (video PDF’s, PowerPoints, and HTML) and then guide them through the buying process right there.  The app works with or without a Wi-Fi connection. Fatstax contains CRM integration for leads captured.  The app can even help you determine ROI on trade shows you attend. The interface can be fully customized to correspond with your company’s image and logo and given its customization options, costs will vary.


Pixe Social 

Free to download – Request a Demo

Google Play Store (Android) rating: 4.0 stars
iTunes App Store (Apple) rating:
4+ stars

This app provides an interactive experience for its users allowing brands to capture fans’ emotional connection with their products.  Pixe Social allows exhibitors to incorporate post branded photos into their exhibit, via a photo booth using logos, event name and dates, hashtags, or other marketing messages.  Photos can be taken by others or as selfies, and easily shared in real time on social media.  Pixe Social works with the latest versions of iOS and Android.  The app also allows attendees to add text, such as testimonials, to their images before posting them on social media.  Pixe Social has the ability to boost brands’ viral reach by 4-5 times.



Article Written by Krista Kaegbein, Creative Director at PRO Expo Exhibits

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