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The Best Trade Show WiFi Alternatives


It’s trade show season, and you’re likely facing the age old question of what to do about WiFi. Outside of your typical data needs of email, web surfing, app usage and texting, you probably have some pretty compelling business reasons to have a strong WiFi connection at the show.

Order management solutions like Handshake are fully functional for order writing without Internet access, but you still might need reliable WiFi for things like:

  • Automatically syncing orders that you write with your mobile order writing software
  • Sending an order confirmation email to your buyer before they leave your booth
  • Setting up a printer over a wireless network
  • General email and web usage

When debating what to do about WiFi, you are typically contemplating two options: pay for the expensive and often poorly performing WiFi network provided for by the trade show venue itself, or trying to survive going the no-connection route.

If neither of those sound appealing, here are some other ideas.

The Best Alternatives to Trade Show WiFi

Option 1: Personal Mobile Hotspots

Personal hotspots are not only options for trade show scenarios, but are also ideal for travel or any other environment you may find yourself in need of Internet access. You’ll buy a small unit that connects to a cellular 3G or 4G LTE network, and enables a “cloud” of Internet connection around you that you can share with your team, as long as you’re in close proximity. Hotspots are particular to specific providers, so you should shop around and see what makes sense

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