Trade Show Success: It’s Not Just About Sales

I feel like a broken record sometimes during our Tradeshow Bootcamp workshops, because I’m constantly telling people that their trade show success should NOT be measured solely by the number of sales they have at the show.

Yes, we all want to make money (we’re not playing business here!), but trade shows are a major investment of time and money, so you really need to look at the bigger, longer term picture when calculating whether the show was valuable for you.

In addition to sales, below are four key benefits that exhibiting at trade shows can offer your company.  These benefits are hard to quantify and may not immediately add to your bottom line, but they should be factored in when you’re setting trade show goals and evaluating the value of exhibiting.

Elements of Trade Show Success:
1. Feedback:

Meeting face-to-face with your customers is hands-down the best part about exhibiting at trade shows. You’re able to ask questions, get direct feedback on your products and services, and have more in-depth conversations about what your client is looking for. Using this time to conduct market research will allow you to refine your line and increase future sales.

2. Marketing:

Trade shows are a great way to enhance brand recognition and position yourself as a key player in your industry. By exhibiting, you’re networking with buyers, members of the press, and industry colleagues who are seeing your work, learning about your brand and likely spreading the word about your business via social media, blogs and traditional media outlets.

Ensure your booth and marketing materials mirror your company branding, have press kits available that are tailored for the media and use social media before, during and after the show to promote your products & company.

3. Collaborations:

People prefer to work with people they know, like, and trust, and these important relationships are much easier to form and nurture in person. By exhibiting at trade shows, I’ve met and collaborated with sales reps, licensing partners, and new vendors. In the end, the results included increased sales, diversified revenue streams, and lower production costs.

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By guest-blogger, Katie Hunt, founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp and owner of Kelp Designs – November 14, 2014

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