Exhibitor Demand for ROI is High – Can You Deliver?

In years past, exhibition organizers were able to take an “if we build it, they will come” approach to tradeshows, conventions, and conferences with the goal of attracting attendees in order to reel in exhibitors. Show organizers could safely tell exhibitors and sponsors the kinds of people who attend the show, often tossing around statistics like “70% of attendees are decision makers,” without too much scrutiny because there was no way to prove or disprove those numbers.

Technology changes everything

Today, every marketing dollar counts – and when your exhibitor’s tradeshow budget goes up against their company’s digital marketing budget – it’s more important than ever to show a return on investment. It’s important to understand that digital marketing budgets can show when an ad was placed on the web, where it ran, how many people clicked on the ad, and where those people went from there. Exhibitors are going to expect the same from you in order to justify spending their marketing dollars on your show. Recently, I attended panel discussions with exhibitors at both SISO and PCMA, and here’s what the exhibitors themselves say they want.

– See more at: http://www.tsnn.com/news-blogs/exhibitor-demand-roi-high-can-you-deliver#sthash.9uatoZb6.dpuf

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