Trade Show and Event Tips

Automate or Stagnate?

Michelle Bruno

Some organizations, trade associations in particular, are reluctant to automate their existing event management practices. Others have embraced the idea of optimizing the planning process, realizing both tangible and intangible benefits along the way.

Why some groups wait to automate. There are a number of reasons why event organizers avoid or delay automation:

  • Lack of internal expertise to select the appropriate technology
  • Perceived risk of selecting the wrong tools
  • Budget constraints
  • Reluctance to disrupt existing operations
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” culture within the organization
  • Protracted procurement policies and practices

Automation offers significant benefits. The value proposition of event management software platforms is to facilitate efficiencies, resulting in cost savings, reduced error, faster processing, more accurate data, and enhanced sponsorship opportunities. For many planners, faster processing and more revenue equate with having more time to spend with clients, innovate, and grow the event.

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