Trade Show and Event Tips

Why Exhibit Staffers Don’t Want to Hear, “Let’s Have a Great Show”

To: Event Manager

From: The Boss

Subject: Need Your Support.

I need you to support company wide inventory audit in (city) the week of (worst possible week for you – you’re preparing for your biggest show). Our group has to send someone to help staff it, and even though it has nothing to do with marketing, I picked you because you’re so good with numbers. Not sure who your roommate will be, but someone will contact you. Please read and adhere to attached list of Dos and Don’ts.


The Boss

P.S. Have a great audit!

If you received this email how would you respond? How do people respond when they receive a note about supporting their company by staffing an upcoming show or event? Most people who are asked to be exhibit staff weren’t hired for this purpose. In fact, the words ‘trade show’ or ‘customer event’ probably weren’t a part of their job description nor were they mentioned during the interviewing process. They were hired for their expertise in a given area and are now being asked to apply that expertise in a venue that for many of them is as far from their comfort zone as possible.

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