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New Google Features and How They Can Affect Your Business

Google recently launched a new interface for Gmail.  It is slowly being rolled out to all users. The new interface automatically sorts a user’s email into three categories: Primary, Social, and Promotion.

If you are an android user, you will see a fourth tab for Google app updates. The primary tab houses your important messages.  The Social tab receives emails from your social network accounts.  The promotional tab collects all of the advertising and deal emails that you receive.

My Gmail account was updated a week ago and I LOVE the new interface!  I can quickly see the important emails that I need to give attention immediately and easily come back later to my promotional emails when I have more time to read them.

There is some concern that this will hurt companies who send promotional emails. They fear that users will never click over the promotions tab and their emails will get lost.

However, I think Google is doing a good job of properly sorting the emails so unless you are sending purely promotional/deal/sale emails they will not get sent to the promotions folder. I tested several of a2z’s emails today and they landed in my Primary folder.

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